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The First of an Annual BICYCLE RIDE Fundraiser for those whom OHMS serves.






About Our Sponsors

Corporate Underwriting and Direct Donations


Sponsors are Donors that graciously provide their contributions of cash, services, supplies, prizes, and so on, all of which show each Sponsor’s good cheer and their corporate care for the many medical patients, family members, and victims of calamity that OHMS will serve through their support.

OHMS’s Sponsors will have provided the preliminary funding for the logistical pre-Ride expenses of the “3M’s” (Meals, Miles, Motels) of OHMS’s travel needs to plan the ‘EXtra MileRide with excellence for each of the Riders, Donors, and ultimately for those Beneficiaries to be served by the Goals of this XM Ride.

Our Sponsors will also have provided water, meals, & Safety services for the Riders and attendees, parking for their supporters, prizes and merchandise (a secondary opportunity for additional funds), and a host of other logistical things.

So, Sponsors:  On behalf of OHMS and for ALL those we serve:

Thank you, most sincerely.

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