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The First of an Annual BICYCLE RIDE Fundraiser for those whom OHMS serves.







Bike Hike! (PDF) 


So…  Just HOW will OHMS raise money through a Bike Hike? 

Our PLAN is to ask each Rider to help us.  And this will work! 
You will have a
Team Goal and a Goal as a Rider to participate.

Here’s a mathematical formula to accomplish our $3,000,000 Goal:

      $100/mile × 100 Miles per Team × 10 Teams per Day × 30 Days

Here’s how this applies to each Team and each Rider:
Rider needs to be part of a Team of at least 4 Riders.
Better will be
5 Riders on a Team, and we will eXceed our goal! 

Each Team will Ride at least 100-Miles, with each Rider being asked to “Ride The EXtra Mile’” = a Team Total of 104 (or 130) Miles.

Because you are a Team, your 100-Miles will be divided by the minimum number (4) Riders for a Team.  So, each Rider of each Team will ride at least (100÷4) = 25 Miles each + an EXtra Mile! 

OHMS respectfully asks that each Rider ask 25 (and an EXtra 26th!) friends to please sponsor One Mile with a Donation of $100. 
This is
$100 per Rider-Mile, or $2500 ($2600!) per Rider.

In 30 Days, with 10-Teams of 5-Riders each Day, we WILL make it!