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If you have an urgent transport need now, click here to Contact OHMS.

OHMS is often able to fly you to your
place of medical care.

Or, we can help you coordinate other
transport needs to & from your home
and hospital or health care facility.

Whether your need for medical transport is scheduled, on-call, or urgent, OHMS would like to help.

Doctors & Social Workers, other PBFOs*,
as well as Patients and their Families should feel free to contact OHMS.






 We do not discriminate against or select flights on the basis
race or religion or other such factors, but we are not able
 to transport anyone with infectious or contagious diseases
 or conditions or anyone or anything for any illegal purpose.

*PBFO = Public Benefit Flying Organization. One Heart Missions Services
 (OHMS) is listed as a pbfo with the Air Care Alliance.