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       Thank you for your willingness to help OHMS help others who need it.  You may give a donation in several ways:

Click Here to SECURELY DONATE via PayPal.
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Call OHMS to Donate an Airplane, Van, Car, Land, etc.  (This requires special paperwork.  OHMS will gladly help complete this for you.)

Volunteer to help OHMS.  We need help in several aspects of our services to folks in need. 
 • This web site needs improvement! (Amen?!) 
 • We need specific software & training. 
 • We need fundraising project volunteers. 
 • We need maintenance & tech assistance. 

       OHMS is recognized by the U.S. IRS as a section 501(c)(3) charity.  Each donation may be used as an income tax deduction.* 







*Click Here to see the IRS acknowledgement of OHMS’s charitable tax status.

      Federal Income Tax deductions of cash (such as via PayPal), are taken on IRS Form 1040’s “Schedule A” at line 16 of that Schedule.  For donations over $250, (actually for every donation), OHMS will send you a thank you receipt.

      Donations of items (such as an airplane or van or mower or fuel, etc.) with a value over $500 (U.S. Dollars) may take this deduction on Schedule A’s line 17 and use an additional Form 8283.

      OHMS can help you correctly record these special gifts and their proper income tax deduction.  (Our Director is also a professional tax preparer!)