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The First of an Annual BICYCLE RIDE Fundraiser for those whom OHMS serves.






OHMS is a Charity

Documentation Proving that Donations
to OHMS are Tax Deductible (PDF)


See the U.S. IRS (Internal Revenue Service) web site on the designation of One Heart Missions Services as a Charity.

And see the PDF of OHMS’s letter from the IRS stating that OHMS has been designated as a bone fide Public Charity (‘PC’).  This means that you may deduct your donations to OHMS on your U.S. income tax return when you itemize deductions on Schedule A.

Here is the PDF of OHMS’s Certificate from Pennsylvania stating that OHMS has been designated as Tax Exempt.

Also, here is the PA Form, Rev-1220, that we give to vendors from whom we purchase things, showing our Exemption from having to pay State Sales Tax.

Next is the PDF of our Annual Report to
Pennsylvania Department of State.

Last are PDFs of the Letter from our County telling OHMS of the change to our current Address and our Report of that change to the PA State Department.  (This address update was to comply with “9-1-1” rules.)