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What is a “1%er”?


­   One Heart Missions Services needs $250,000
for this Aztec Airplane Project.

­  Suggested Donations: $250 per Family (1/1000)

$2,500 from any Group/Business/Church (1%!)

$10,000 as a Major Sponsor or Foundation (1/25)

ONE–PERCENT-ers (1%ers):  

­   Just 100 1%ers are needed to raise 100%
of this project’s overall goal.
This is why One Heart seeks 100 1%ers.
Will you take on this coordination challenge?

­   1% of this $250,000 project goal is $2,500.

­   a 1%er is someone who agrees to coordinate

friends, family, business contacts, or others,
so that together, a 1% portion is raised. 

(Some donors may be able and want to give a
full 1% themselves. Thank you if that is you!)






Flowchart: Terminator: Click here for the 
1%er’s Procedures 
& Rules Agreement


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Click Open each of the 1%ers PDFs in the three gold boxes.


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Text Box: Click HERE 
for the 
Aztec Donor Handouts


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Aztec Donor 
Data Sheets





     Flying patients …

… with your help.     

Please: Donate $50 today!  

From those we fly: Thank you!      


Why do we ask you to make a $50 donation today?

j    Your gift will enable One Heart to upgrade to our
own multi-mission capable airplane, enabling us to
fly more patient flights and to carry a whole family! 

j    And airplane fuel is very expensive.  You will directly
help us fly kids & their families, transplant patients,
and even the transplant organs.  Yes you! 

How can you make a $50 donation today?

j    Use PayPal.com.  You can transfer your gift from your PayPal account, or you can use your credit or debit card.  Either way, as the PayPal recipient use:
.  Thank you so much!